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After 3 blowjobs the option to have sex with all the characters?  Or just the milfs that appear in the main game?

Just the milfs, for now.

Is there something to be done to trigger the actual sex option, or is it a random chance mechanic?

You need to get a blowjob three times with any of the MILFs.


Im not enjoying this, its gay


How so? There's no gay content at all.

No Sex feature? Or coming soon?


Coming soon!

doesnt work

Are you trying the web version or any other platform?

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not the web version i downloaded it and i couldnt get passed here just sucking the D basically the start

Try the buttons on the wall. Can't cum without selecting a speed first.


Como dice ahí es solo una dinámica del juego, puedes buscar y tieneu n juego con más características