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help i cant find garnet she disappeared 

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Where to find connie in the educational center???

Where is the hidden button lol ?


What gift pearl need and how do i level up pearl? 


Books from the u-stor at night.

alr the game is perfect.

Could someone tell me what is the difference between the corruption route and the redemption route? Is it worth it?

Not much. Just different dialogue and one of the girls instead of the other.


thanks. your game is crashing when you try to enter the pizzeria on the corruption route

Do you happen to have the error it gives when it does?

Do you want a print of the error?


How do I start Sadie's route?

Give her gifts.


I dont know if its a problem specifically on the android version but there is a bug that crashes the game constantly ive redownloaded it already and the problem persists


Is something with android, that's happens to me sometimes

Do I really have to start over the whole game ?? :((( Can't use the save files from previous version.

Depends on your file version. Everything is compatible starting from 0.3

how do you get ohter outfits?

Go to the storage lockers at night

How do i start pearl storyline?

what about a cheat that allows for instant skip of the not so important talking


You can do that by entering the menu, then go to preference, under "skip" select "unseen text" it will allow you to skip all texts 

maybe a cheat that lets you only have to do one battle to trigger the scenes for the characters

There's a money cheat that should give you enough money to buy gifts for all the characters. I do want to implement more cheats, though.


Is that cheat available for all or just patreons


For all!


The chalk board in the light house is the cheat button


Your version number in the android release, when looking at app info, shows 0.1.  This causes the client to always see an update available (because the version number listed is different than the version installed).  Can you please resolve this in the next release?

Will do, to keep it consistent. I'm not sure if changing the version can mess with save files, though.


New update has not caused any problems i can see.  Thanks!

Anyone else having the mobile version freeze on the enterprises screen

dam I keep looking but I can't find the chats

Quick question. Is there any major difference in routes? Asking to know if its worth doing the other route.

Only dialogue and context changes. The major differences will be added later on, but way later.


ahhhhh okie. Thanks alot!!

will you ever add spinel?

''All the female characters featured in the show will have at least 1 sex scene and involvement in the main plot.'' so I guess yes, you can enter in the Discord to have a better communication.

Do you have an approximate date when the next update will be released?

i only have one question is there cheat

In v0.4, there are.

ah ok i shall wait then

How do you use outfits?

When you get on the menu when you interact with characters (the one that shows the phone as well), click on their portraits.

thank you 

Are they going to be more interactions with the town girls? Idk why, but I have a crush on Barb, oh, and how you get in Sadie's home?

There will! The next update batches will be the townies. Barb is not in yet, nor is Sadie's house.

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Oh, okey, another thing, how do you unblock all the wardrobe section? And when will action with barb will be added? 

Oh, and I have a problem, when I try to do the Lion's event, an error occur, it's the android version 

Do you have the error? As for the wardrobe, you should be able to access it in rose's room.

Yep, when I try to begin with Lion's event it marks there's a missing asset.

Oh, and the wardrobe I mean to unlock all characters

Not all characters can be unlocked. And it's weird the lion says it's missing one asset. Can you give me a screenshot with the error, perhaps? I just tested it, and it works for me.


How do you go into sadies room and the 3 older ladies home?

will peridot ever be in this game?

Yes, she is the next lined-up gem after the townies, and she will work like the main 3 crystal gems.


Hey so I recently got the game and OMG I love it. I love how you added some characters and the story is really good (even tho I'm doing redemption rn as I'm typing this (and yes I'll even do corruption)) I've completed Lapis and Connie (haven't gotten Peridot even tho it says I unlocked her?) I'm currently trying to find the sword and Garnet do be acting weird, probs nothing. But I'll for sure update my thoughts by replying to this because.. ye.
Game Rating: 7.8/1


Ya know.. for the next update I hope the fighting system thing will be added, cause it sounds like a cool idea, but, now it's just a thought, what if you could do like a story mode and gameplay mode? like story mode mainly focuses on the story and the battle is basically a coin flip (or something like that) and you can have a art piece of the gems and Steven fighting the shrimps, or it could be a button mash for story mode, and gameplay mode it's like a turn base fighting style, you and two companions (example would be Amethyst and Garnet) fight the shrimps and depending on their lvl they can use different attacks and switch out moves (like Pokemon), what would also be really cool is a fusion part of the fighting, ofc since it's season 1 it's VERY limited, but yeah that's just my thoughts so far and believe me that would bring a really interesting element to the game.

I will likely add an easy mode that will work as the game works at the moment. Also, cheats are coming.


I'm a simple man with simple pleasures. Cheats I really love any and I mean ANY game that has them, I will do a playthrough with cheats then another without cheats, so in total that'd be four playthroughs, 2 for redemption (cheats and not) and same for corruption, keep this up and I may have to find a way to get more people to play this already amazing game. (and incase you didn't get a notification, I'm following you so I can get those sweet sweet updates!) You person have a simply wonderful day/night, and I hope this game becomes the best it can be.. ya know a aftermath story would be really cool, and like you could play a little of the aftermath, OHH or the aftermath could be a completely different game!... I talk too much I'm so sorry.. Love the game, keep it up!

Wow, nice. Somehow I missed this post. Thanks for your words! They really help.

how to do chill girl route, please help

find her at the Big Donut, you need some money. Then go to the Pizza Restaurant.


hi i have a problem that is bothering me it is the second time i download a new version but i cant pass my progress from one version to another and still there is a way?

If you went from 0.2 to 0.3, there's no way. But this is not something that will happen again in the future.

just a question, will there be any cheats?

For this update, possibly.

For so e reason whenever I go to Rose's room it's fine for a couple of seconds but as soon as I start to do something the game crashes.

Could you post the error?


it wasn't an actual error the screen would just go black but I worked around it.

Wish I knew exactly what was it, though, but glad you managed to go around it!

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i have comleted the story (redemption) and still cant view ceirtan people in roses room (peridot , ruby , sapphire , opal , titanite , rose ,whomever is next to rose , lars' mum *but i can edit her* and blue diamond) is this a fixable problem i have been to the desert twice (im on 3.4)


They are meant as teasers for now.

You haven't completed the story. The full game isn't even out yet.

ok thank you

I finally got the game downloaded and now that I've played for a bit I'm stuck on the part where I have to find more clues about garnet and have no clue what I'm supposed to do.

I really need to modify that quest. What you need to do is go to the beach after seeing Garnet in the Warp Pad, pick up the statue, talk with Buck, and then use the teleporter.

Thank you I'll try that.

Hello. Today i downloaded this game (0.3.3) for the first time. When i tried to install it on my phone it always said "app couldn't install". My phone is a Huawei Y7 2019 my EMUI Version is 8.2.0 my Android version is 8.1.0 Can you help me please? 

Make sure you have enough space, at least 1gb.

I had 2.08 GB space when it said app couldnt install and i now have 2.19 GB space should i try again? 

Please do. Reboot your phone and delete the cache from your phone beforehand if possible too.


Thank you so much! It finally installed >;D

I want to open the rest of the rooms, what should I do? 

 Advance the story with the gems.

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Has anyone else noticed in HOSPITAL location at NIGHT there's a gem abomination in the hallway background that disappears if your pointer hovers over it. Is this an Easter egg or for something later on? It's so small you might miss it at first glance.

It's a little bit if both, lol. Wanted people to notice and mess with them, usually funny to do that, so it works as an Easter egg for Nightmare hospital. But we might do something about it.

im so lost is there a walkthrough available 

Check our discord.

how ı add different language in this game?

its making me go to the error screen

Can you post the error?

IF that's on launch you can ignore it, and it shouldn't show up ever again. I'm not exactly sure why it shows up, but as I said, it just disappears forever when you ignore it (happened to me testing the android version).

if I ignore it will start me from the beginning

Wait, I see you are trying to load a file, so it isn't right from the start. Are you coming from 0.2?

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