Special Backgrounds

Hey people. For the post of this week, something somewhat short.

For this week, panning backgrounds! Yeah, sounds less exciting than it actually is. These are mostly for key scenes in the game, and they will use existing backgrounds as a base. They will pan or do other things depending on the scene.

For these 3 here: Obviously the Centipeetle fight. It should make a more clear situation, although it will be even clearer when the gameplay is actually implemented. The rest, well, it's Lapis related, of course! Let me tell you, the events will be similar, but won't happen for the same reasons, so look forward to that!

Oh, and of course, one of the videos has sound. I really want to mess more with sound. Spread, the person doing the audio, does some nice stuff, so I'm figuring more ways to use audio in the game.

What do you think so far? Any suggestion is welcome. We are slowly finishing the update. I want to set up a Trello page to keep you guys up to date as well! So stay tuned.


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I think the panning looks great!