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Busy with Gem Domination right now. As soon as I'm done with it, I will release another mini-update. No new scenes, though, but I might as well do new ones and finish Charlotte's story if I'm available to do so.

Ok in the mean time I gonna try your gem domination I just have a question are you playing as a male or female there? Just asking


You are playing as a male, mate. I'd advise you to wait for a bit, the new update is coming!

What's your first language?

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Please tell me how much i need to pay for a full-fledged game? (So that i don't have to pay any more)


It's a bit complicated. Right now I need someone to help me with art/assets and that's always expensive. Using patreon donations to invest in this is for the best, but if you need a reference, 2D pieces of art tend to cost 30$+ per piece. I tried to contact someone to help me with Koikatsu assets, but no one seems interested.


Any update?

I've been meaning to post a devlog on the situation of the game. It sounds bad, but honestly, all I need is an artist to help me with the renders, since I'm really unable to do so myself anymore. Furthermore, my HDD died, and I will replace it any time this month, which also pushed back my plans (I was supposed to release Gem Domination starting this month and then shifting to Ich Will for this month as well).

I will expand on all of it as soon as I release the update for Gem Domination, which should be during this month, hopefully!


Hey, did a video where I mention the game, hope more people get to know the game!


Good thing I'm a bit late on my weekly report, I'll post your video! Thanks, mate, that's indeed a big help!

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you fucking ass hole, I was playing the game in cycles, investigating each girl once per cycle, but then you threw his mom into the mix, and I refuse to investigate this guys mother, because I don't want to risk him having sex with his mom.

on top of that, I fucking started dating Valerie, but I still have to interact with Charlotte, meaning you've given me no way to complete this game, unless I;

A; risk cheating on Valerie


B; risk having sex with my mother.

not kink shaming, but this shit is lame and I have to stop playing here. Valerie is way too sweet to be hurt like that, and im not interested in incest. 

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I understand, more or less.

You can complete the game by staying completely loyal to a single girl except, actually, the mom. In the full game you will only be able to unlock the mom's route AFTER you complete the 3 main routes, that means Charlotte, Julia and Valerie, likewise Eileen's story will be unlocked once you complete all the previous ones plus the mom's story, but each time you end an story, you are supposed to start over, since each story with each girl is it's own. The game is supposed to have you focus on a single girl, but the original investigation, the first 3 days with each girl, are there so you can delve into their stories and make a final decision of whoever you want to keep going with in the forth day forward, as in Charlotte's case.

Furthermore, the first scene will never be sex, but most likely teasing: You tease Charlotte in the bathroom, Julia gives you a footjob, you masturbate alongside Valerie, and in mom's case, she gives you a handjob, and only in Julia's and Mom's routes you get to have sex in the second day, but only inside their psyche. This is done exactly for the reason you are mentioning, I don't like cheating myself, I see why you would think it would suck, but if you want to avoid it, you can do this: Make 1 save file per girl, that way you can investigate all of them without cheating anyone in a single save file. "Cheating" on them only slightly changes some dialogues in their routes.

Lastly, I will implement cheat codes so you can bypass stories if you want to. I don't really advice this because the last story, Eileen's story, heavily depends on all stories combined. I hope that this clarifies your doubts about cheating on them, mate, I try to make it so there isn't any cheating at all. If you have any suggestions about it, go ahead.


So i played the 0.3 build and all I really have to say is that i loved it! i think one of the best aspects of Ich Will so far are some of the almost perfectly placed gramatical errors in some scenes. i wasnt sure if some were purposely like that for effect but it was interesting in general. The only really rare issue i had was keeping up with the pacing due to names characters saying the wrong lines or renamed charcters not having their title like Golem or Marie. Im definitely keeping an eye on this game.

Also, your english is very good! :)


I'm not sure if I should make a custom nametag for Golem or Marie, I didn't want to because I wanted both of them to just be "another soldier/robot", if that's understandable, but I guess their characters are big enough to deserve their own. Also, thanks, english isn't my first language indeed, I hope I can hone my skills while I write and, ironically enough, I think I write better in english than spanish. Any help with grammatical mistakes is appreciated!


Hey Amazoness, I use Grammarly to write my scripts for my videos and basically everything that is going to be English. I recommend, helps a lot!

I've been using it today, mate, it's great! Thanks for the advice.

Happy to help!


Just wanted to let y'all know, you can get Eileen naked pics if you go to the character portaits folder in the Ich Will Project game folder. In case you don't know where that's at, its C:\Users\(your_name)\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\ich-will-project\IchWill-0.3-pc\game\images\Character Portraits

Yup. She doesn't have a gallery unlock yet because, well, her route is not ready yet, but all her naked portraits are already done.


Lots of bad grammar, but it's okay, you will improve.

Sad, the best girl doesn't have a route. Does all 5 girls get their routes later?

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English isn't my main language, but I try REALLY hard to correct bad grammar. I used to really suck with double past tense or double negatives. People pointing out these things don't bother, quite the contrary, it helps me to improve and correct the script, if possible.

Also, yes, all 5 girls will have their own route eventually. AND all side characters will have a bigger role in the last 6th route: the harem route, that although non-canonical, will be at the very least very fun.


cool game i loved it. but has smaill nistakes like some talking but it is the other person so yeah that is i

English is not my first language, but I do my best trying to correct any grammatical mistakes I may do. If you find some of those, feel free to tell me about it. I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

priority first

What fetishes are there, In this game?

Ahegao, BDSM, Big tits, Group sex, Voyeurism, Femdom

Deleted 1 year ago

There's no audio in the game yet.

Hope there is more outfit for the characters, only two seems limited

Right now 2 is the limit I have planned for them. But at the end of the game considering the harem route I may give them something different.


Waiting for this a hell of a time, Thanks for the update.


Amazing game. <3 Valerie

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is this really necessary to upload hentai game here cuz if its i will upload all my hentai games that i make a year ago hehehe

hope i wont get a virus in here uwu

Deleted 2 years ago

dont worry its safe to download tho i think the dev is not working on it anymore ...although he hasnt said anything about abandoning it but no posts on patreon neither on itchio neither on f95..he is active on f95 but has not informed anything related to the game



but the game still pretty cool im waiting for the end 


Well, Charlotte's story is the one that is going to be finished first.


are you still working on it ?


Yup, just updated, mate.


um what the fuck....

Something wrong?

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You're a genius! :O


aweesome; with which software did you make the characters? They look really great!


I used Koikatsu from illusion. Requires a bit of tweaking and mods.

I cant download the game, I tried downloading both the v80 and v70 but the tablet shows me a message telling me that it couldnt install the app :'(

What kind of tablet are you using? Maybe try with the Macbook version.


rly like the game tbh keep up! btw i was wondering if this is just a demo version or something or if it its still in the works cause the option to continue visiting valerie or charlotte was gone and i can only visit julia, is it because of those reasons or because i need to advance in the story, just wandering.

It is indeed still in development. The reason some options are not available is because of that, mate. Look forward to future versions :)


Really excited for when this game finishes, I'm loving it so far :O!

Is this nsfw?



okie so I either completely for forgot how to install games on computers imean it only been a year or so since i done it and it a different device  or it my computer fault for  it being a chromebook  and it useless or can't play the game because it on sd card T^T

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If you are using a chromebook, try installing the one that says "x86_64 APK".

Hope it works!

Hello I tried the android links and they didnt want to work. ( links) 

I have yet to try the links on mega.

Must I download all the andriod files? 

2 of the files for android didnt work so just a heads up on that.

Hi! As attached in the devlog about the android version, this is what ren'py says about them:

Depending on how old your model is, you may need v8a or v7a. As I said, I'm not very good with apks, but if you try again, please let me know if it works or if not, I'll have to look for a way to solve this.

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Well I'm busy downloading the only other link v7a. So I'll let you know if it works.

2.7gb of data probably used xD but it seems to be a good game that had allot of time spent on it so I'll give it a shot.

Edit: Ok I might be a idiot xDD 

V7a works I didnt really know what the apk's were only learned it like today while searching other visual novels. So I suppose it works. 

And btw thanks for a fast reply. 

I appreciate that.^-^

Don't worry, I'm very new to android myself. Glad it actually works! And sorry for the bandwidth, I may compress the game more in the future!

Just giving you some feed back the top left:  date , time and person isnt perfectly adjusted.

And there seems to be no sound. (Ill make a check up on this if need be)

For the moment there is no sound implemented to the game. As for the alignment, I do have to fix that! The android build is different from the desktop version, but I will check it out nonetheless.